Xuong Huan Temple
Xuong Huan temple is located at No. 10, Ben Cho Street, Duy Ha 2 ward, Xuong Huan district, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province. It was built in the Nguyen dynasty of King Gia Long (who reigned from 1802-1819).  

Mr Nguyen Phuong Nam made a great contribution to the establishment of the village in terms of land, money and efforts. The villagers honored him as the elder and worshipped at the main temple. At present, Xuong Huan temple is preserved with 12 dignitaries of the Nguyen Dynasty. This is the place to worship the gods of boundary, the elders, Thien Y A Na, the martyrs and, the Southern sea King. Xuong Huan temple was built in a closed campus, with an area of 16,749 m2 to the southwest. It has the following buildings: the gate, the front hall, the main hall, Thien Y A Na shrine, the hall and the martyrs’ steles house.  

Like other temples in Khanh Hoa province, the most typical architectural style of the Xuong Huan temple is evident in the front hall. This is reflected through the traditional wooden frame, smooth wooden columns and trusses with dragon and fish head carvings. The decoration varies with the images of the sacred animals, such as: the dragon, fish, lion, tortoise, phoenix and the 8 gods in different sceneries. Every year, the villagers celebrate the Huong Xuan temple festivals in the spring and autumn. They pray for peace and health in the spring on the 19th of March and pay tribute the elders on the 16th of august, according to the lunar calendar. There is a great ceremony every 3 years. 



Vo Canh Temple

Vo Canh Temple

Vo Canh temple is located in Vo Canh village, in the Vinh Trung commune of Nha Trang city. Vo Cạnh village is situated at the boundary of Nha Trang and South Vietnam.