Nha Trang Church
Nha Trang church is a famous tourist attraction in the city. The visitors in Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa not only take a rest and admire the great sights, but also take the opportunity to learn more about the historical cultural monuments and buildings with many unique architectural styles. Nha Trang church is one of the most prominent architectural works. It is located at the center of Nha Trang City on a high hill.
The church was built on September 3rd, 1928. This area was a wild place and they had to use 500 explosives to flatten the hill, with an area of 4,500m2. Later, the road was made to transport the materials to the construction site. The building was completed in December of 1941 with the 2 ways to reach the church: one is in the north and the other is in the south. 

The structural style of the Nha Trang church is gradually higher from the bottom to the top.  The highest location is the bell tower which is 38 meters above the road. The church is built of concrete and steel. The walls are not made of baked bricks like the typical construction, but they use solid cement blocks that are 15cm x 41cm x 22cm.
The church is sturdy and stable as if it were made of stone. In fact, the church is also called the Nha Trang Stone Church. The domes were arranged in harmony with the straight lines of decoration, which create a simple and dignified beauty. On the upper floor, the artisans put the blue and red glass in the archways to utilize the sunshine from the East and the West and create the brilliant and magnificent appearance of the church.
Nha Trang church is also famous for its three bells, which were made by the famous bell manufacturer Bourdon Carillond of France. The first bell has the Mi flat sound, which was christened on the 29th of July, 1934. The other two bells have the Do and La sound, which were christened on October 22nd, 1939. A giant clock was hung on the bell tower in December of 1935.

The Nha Trang church has retained its original style and its unique architecture after many years. In addition to holding Christian ceremonies, it also receives many domestic and international tourists. The visitors can easily find the church in the middle of the city. They can admire the unique architecture and enjoy moments of standing in the lobby, relaxing and watching the beautiful Nha Trang city.



Van Thanh Temple

Van Thanh Temple

The temple is situated at the foot of Sinh Trung Mountain with its back towards the mountain and the front facing a wide space to the southeast. There is a large rock under the Indian banyan Tree on the left side. The temple is prominent, with an ancient roof and a sophisticated relief